Friday Things


It’s been a challenging week, to say the least.

My new senior kitty is still in the throes of getting used to me, and I am still in the throes of getting used to trying to reason with a creature who doesn’t understand English. “I rescued you!” I exclaim to her. “You’re lucky to have me!” Alas none of my words have the desired effect, which is to get her to stop yowling in the middle of the night and disrupting my sleep. I’m trying some kind of diffuser that releases some kind of calming hormone next; in the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions that could help my situation, I’m more than open to hearing them. I’m getting a little desperate.

Here are some great links from the internets that have at least helped distract me:

1. The secret to enjoying a long winter (I so want to go here!)

2. The best friendship movies (I agree with almost all of these)

3. Has anyone heard of this site? Apparently it helps you find your next favorite movie, music, or book based on what you like. Haven’t used it yet (heard it’s a giant timesuck) but thinking about it!

4. This couple renovated a 1950s Airstream and are living out of it for a year. This is so, so cool, but what I love about this story is the honesty of it:

We felt stuck in draining careers that were sucking the life right out of us, and barely allowing us to make ends meet. We decided that we needed to change something. We left on this journey for a very personal and honest reason. We needed to find home and a life that looked the way we wanted it to, instead of a life that saddened us and didn’t look quite as we’d expected.


Reading: Currently at the beginning of this, which is wonderfully weird. Also while driving last week I listened to my first audio book, another Maggie Stiefvater. It was just okay, though I’m not totally sure if it was the story or the brand-new audio book experience (or the slightly annoying voice of one of the readers). I’ll probably try audio books again on my next long drive, but I definitely prefer the written word to the spoken one. My mind wanders too much. More on this later.

Watching: Just finished this series! Cried at the finale. I can’t believe I almost didn’t continue watching it. I’m once again reminded that good storytelling is good storytelling, regardless of medium. Now I’ll have to find something new to entertain me during my hours cooking and laundering and cleaning up after my wailing senior kitty. Suggestions welcome!

Listening to: This band. How they escaped my early college Ataris and Co phase I do not know but I’m glad to be listening to them now.

Have a great weekend! Hope you get more sleep than I surely will…

Image not mine, I found it on here; my cat is too busy meowing at me to pose for photos

5 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Oh man, I cried at the Friday Night Lights finale too. Such a good show!

    I can’t do audio books, I day dream and zone out way too much and miss things. I mean, I do this when reading too but I can at least easily go back and re-read.

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  2. I’m a long time cat owner but no doctor. The obvious first: does the cat have its own space with food, clean water and a clean litter box without other cats challenging or blocking its path? I’ve read that cats really only meow when they are talking to people. A howl or hiss is usually directed at other cats or critters. I’ve also read if cats don’t get along at first, they usually never do. Also, vets do have sedatives for cats that are high strung. There is still a chance the howling is medically related. Kidney infection? (Check the litter box to make sure the cat is urinating regularly). That’s all I got. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. She’s the only cat, so that’s not the issue. I put her litter box in the downstairs bathroom, which no one uses since I have my own, and her food and water in a corner of my kitchen. And I did take her to the vet and the tests came back normal. I think it’s stress-related–her previous longtime owner passed away so hopefully it’s just getting used to a new person and environment. She’s also super clingy when I’m home, following me everywhere, so it could also be her being mad at me for being at work all day. Hopefully it subsides soon…


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