Wanderlusty Wednesday: Big Sur

10779692546_7703d01568_kI’ve been thinking a lot about camping lately, mostly due to this post on one of my favorite blogs (the first part of which I disagree with, by the way–there is nothing wrong with camping at campgrounds), and also due to the fact that it’s coming up on that time of year–my favorite camping experiences have happened in August and September.

So my travel advice for the day: if you ever do a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (and you should) you absolutely must stop in Big Sur. We only had one night there because we were running behind schedule, but we spent it in this tiny adorable cabin at a campground (we didn’t do the real camping thing because we had no time to stop for the supplies) and it was magical and lovely and I wanted to stay there forever. It’s pricey, but beautiful, and I only wish we’d been able to spend more time there.

Wanderlusty Wednesday

15040029616_694153fd78_oNo time for a proper post today, just a note to say that if you’re ever on a road trip through California, be sure to stop at Hearst Castle. It’s wonderful and amazing and weird and they let you chill by the pool in the waning evening sun. Fun fact: employees of Hearst Castle actually get to swim in the pool with their families on days the mansion is closed. So attempt to befriend one of those people. Can you imagine?

Happy Wednesday!