Wanderlusty Wednesday: Planning a Pacific Northwest Road Trip


I’ve officially decided on a Pacific Northwest road trip for my (woefully short) vacation this year, and I need help…

Where should we go? What should we do? We’re thinking of flying in and out of Seattle and hitting up Vancouver on the way because we have friends/cousins in those cities, but from what I understand they’re not that far apart, so there’s time to do other stuff as well (we have 9 days). I would like some nature-y, mountain-y stuff but nothing too crazy as we’ll be flying and don’t have room to pack hiking gear and tents and the like. But we do love the outdoors.

Suggestions, please!

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Wanderlusty Wednesday: Planning a Pacific Northwest Road Trip

  1. You could check out seattle or Olympia there’s a ton of stuff to do and it’s right on the puget sound! so beautiful. If you go to Seattle there’s a ton to do. The monarail for one and there’s a park right under the space needle. And on the docs there’s this store called “ye’ old curiosity shop” and there’s a ton of interesting things to see in there.


      1. awe, that’s too bad! I grew up in the North west. Beautiful place. Although I recommend going there in the early summer haha it is a bit rainy!


  2. There are some great harbor, island, underground, and seaplane tours in Seattle. My brother is a captain in one of the Harbor tour companies so I go on a lot of those. I took a trip to the San Juan Islands (Lopez island) by Ferry, which was pretty amazing, and those are between Seattle and Vancouver. And of course there is Mt. Rainier. If you have the time, it may be worth driving to south Oregon/northern California to see the coast and Red Woods.

    Just a few ideas,


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