How This #WriterMom Gets It Done


In living that #writermom life, I’ve learned some things …

… one of them being that I’m TERRIBLE at keeping up with a regular blogging schedule. Oops.

BUT, not to toot my own horn or anything, I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with everything else!


Here are my secrets:


I’ve written about this before, but you can’t get the most important things done unless you know what the most important things are. Right now those are:

KEEP BABY ALIVE (and happy)

KEEP SELF ALIVE (and sane)


Obviously, my baby’s needs come first in all things. Then I am looking after myself by going to bed shortly after her and making sure I’m eating properly. I’m also looking after my mental health by maintaining relationships with people I care about (including my husband), reading, exercising, and honestly, writing is a part of this, too. I can’t not write, and while I have less control over WHEN now, I am STILL hitting my (12 hours/week) goal (here’s tips on how.)

Everything else: laundry! shower! homemade dinner! clean home! this blog! is secondary. And that’s fine.

Make Weekly Goals

I’ve written about this before, too, and it’s more important than ever with a baby, because some days are just entirely taken up by your baby, and that’s okay. The sun’ll come out tomorrow (or the next day).

Go to the coffee shop

Cranky baby who won’t nap or give you time to write? Get her in the stroller! Stroll for a while (usually no more than 30 minutes) before parking yourself at the best coffee shop in town (best = no steps, no noisy people, and room for your stroller — fortunately, mine also has good coffee and amazing Italian pastries) and banging out some words for an hour (or more!) while she snoozes. This has only failed me once.

Those are my secrets. What are yours?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “How This #WriterMom Gets It Done

  1. WRITING FIRST “…Everything else: laundry! shower! homemade dinner! clean home! this blog! is secondary. And that’s fine…” I’ve just recently learned this! The day I said, “From now on, writing in the day comes before cleaning and cooking…” is the day I finally started writing again. There is an old saying, “A job expands itself to the time allotted it…” Apparently it’s true. As soon as I started writing and THEN doing the rest, everything else still got done. For sure there are days with appointments etc where nothing gets done but overall that solved my writing problems!


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