The 13 Steps to Starting a New Novel


Step 1: The Muse graces you with a Shiny New Idea!

Step 2: You frantically tap out the idea on the Notes section of your phone. (This often happens in bed, in the shower, at a social function, or walking down the street. The Muse cares not at all about inconveniencing you.)

Step 3: Life, Responsibilities, and Your Current Project remind you you don’t have time to work on this idea yet.

Step 4: You sneakily work on it anyways between Life, Responsibilities, and Your Current Project with more Notes section tapping (usually on the subway).

Step 5: You spend an entire afternoon on baby-naming sites because your characters need names, and not just any names, but Meaningful Names That Perfectly Convey their Personalities.

Step 6: You let the idea stew while you finish your Current Project. More Notes section tapping in inconvenient places ensues.

Step 7: FINALLY, you sit down to write your Shiny New Idea!

Step 8: You organize your notes.

Step 9: You realize you have plot holes the size of Alaska.

Step 10: You despair.

Step 11: You get down to work anyway.

Step 12: You get distracted by the Muse and a New Shiny New Idea.

Step 13: Rinse and repeat.

Did I miss any steps? Let me know!

Photo by Parker Byrd on Unsplash