The Good Things (January)


Time to celebrate the GOOD things (amid all the HORRIFIC things) that happened in January…

A Good Bookish Thing I’ve been reading some good ones lately, but my favorite by far is this lovely post-apocalyptic one, despite the terror it struck in me that the apocalypse may not be far off.

A Good Entertainment-ish Thing I found this YouTube channel and it’s giving my Buffy-loving self so much joy.

A Good Writerly Thing The YA Fantasy story is back on track! The current regime is currently trying to take power away from the people by cutting back on women’s rights and trying to silence the intellectuals. Not totally sure where that idea came from, but it’s working for me.

A Good Seasonal Thing Lately in an effort to get more exercise, I’ve been walking a lot more around the city. It’s cold, but if you move fast enough along to the right music, pretty soon you start sweating. There’s something I really love about moving in the cold air. Good thing too because winter is apparently here for a little while.

A Good Habit-Shifting Thing I figured out the secret to getting writing done during the workday: take my computer out of the office with me when I eat lunch. I’m currently compiling a list of good cheap-ish healthy-ish lunch places with quiet corners in midtown Manhattan — please let me know if you have anything to add.

A Good Delicious Thing Did you know that making delicious homemade biscuits is ridiculously easy?? I had no idea until, prompted by the pleading of my husband-to-be, I made these. They were amazing.

A Good Random Thing I finally found an amazing local massage therapist.

A Good Thing to Look Forward To My friend, who comes from Mexico and lives in Australia and I’ve only seen once since we studied abroad together in France over a decade ago, is coming to NYC this week 😀

Photo by SnapbyThree MY on Unsplash

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