Writing Tips: A Round-Up


Did you ever start writing a blog post only to realize you’d already written it?

I had an idea today to talk about how unimportant ideas are when it comes to writing (it’s execution that counts!) when I remembered I’d already written that post.

And everything I said then is still true now.

So I thought it may be helpful to do the occasional roundup of all the most useful (to me) writing posts I’ve ever written, in case you’re new to this blog, or missed it the first time around, or need a refresher, or what have you.

So without further ado:

On How To Get Started

On How Not To Get Started

On Outlining

On How To Get Back into Writing After a Long Break

On How Not to Show and Tell, and to go along with that Terrible Examples From An Actual Published Novel of Showing and Telling

On Setting The Scene

On Writing Great Kissing Scenes (and one more)

On The Trick To Writing Compelling Protagonists

On Why You Need To Check For Filter Phrases

On Why You Need Varying Sentence Lengths

On Cutting and Pasting Your Darlings

On Breaking Between Drafts

On This Stupidly Easy Editing Trick (that I can’t believe I didn’t think of earlier)

On Things To Do When Your Muse Is Ignoring You

On The One Thing You Need to Keep Readers Reading

and finally, On Doing What Works For You

This advice is by no means exhaustive; I have more in the “Writing” section of my blog above, and I daresay even more I haven’t written down yet. I hope some (or all!) of these are helpful to you, and please let me know some of your own top writing advice!

Photo by Juan Sisinni on Unsplash

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