A History of Journaling


I think I want to start journaling again, but I’m struggling with how.

A brief history of my journaling endeavors:

High School I wrote my angsty little heart out, nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day, because I was a confused, lonely adolescent with very few people to talk to. My high school journals are a litany of “no one understands me” and “I want so much more than this”. Then later, as life slowly but surely improved, my journals become more of a play-by-play of the actual happy things in my life, things I didn’t want to forget.

College Still some leftover angst, though fewer and farer between, more recordings of the good things. I’m grateful for the journals that I have, though I very much wish there were more of them.

Post-college No journaling for several years, which kind of sucks since I did some cool stuff such as move to France, then move to Brooklyn, and somewhere along the way became an adult.

A few years ago I decided to write down my “moment of the day” on my Tumblr, which I did faithfully for about 3 years, but then I got far behind, and my “moments of the day” were just things like “I had wine at dinner,” and so I gave it up to pursue more worthy uses of my time.

But now … I want to start again.

I have so many thoughts, so many things I want to remember. I like writing on the internet as opposed to in a journal because I can do it from anywhere. But writing online meant I was also censoring myself because I knew other people were reading it. Now I’m considering start another Tumblr, completely anonymous and unconnected with any of my other online personas, essentially for my eyes only. And if other people stumble across it and like it, that’s okay, since no one will know it’s me.

So. Anonymous Tumblr journal coming up, once I figure out what to call it.

My week in art and food:

Reading I just finished An Ember in the Ashes and I have mixed thoughts. Full review coming next week. I just started The Infinite Moment of Us and so far it’s cute and sweet and compelling but probably won’t be a five-star read. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve had a (fictional) five star read and I’m waiting for something to really blow me away. Suggestions welcome.

Writing The Play Story. It’s finally, finally getting to the part where the romance starts which is always my favorite part, which is why I’ve already written all the kissing scenes already, but no worries, I’m sure there will be some revisions to do.

Watching I just discovered that my most guiltiest of guilty pleasure TV shows has not one, but TWO seasons I haven’t yet viewed on Hulu and I am disproportionately excited about this.

Listening To Brian Fallon. He’s soothing.

Cooking Tried to add to my veggie grilling skillz and added cauliflower to the mix but it didn’t turn out so great. I am thinking better seasoning + longer grilling time will be added to my next endeavor.

Have a great weekend.

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8 thoughts on “A History of Journaling

  1. I have a few journals of my thoughts…I didn’t start until college…so many things spinning in my head I had to get down…I should go back a read them but I love the idea of writing in a journal…I still jot down my ideas there but I finish the thoughts on my posts. Happy writing!


  2. I love journalling too but struggle to find the time. I have a Line A Day journal which I’ve been using regularly since the start of the year so that seems to be working for me at the moment.


  3. If you like writing online but feel that you’re censored because it’s “public,” I suggest making a private blog on wordpress, using OneNote from Microsoft, or Evernote. If you want readers you can totally ignore my suggestions 🙂

    Good luck!


  4. Three thoughts:
    1. I can so identify with your glorious phrase, “I wrote my angsty little heart out”.
    2. The best way to keep a secret is to not let anyone know you have one.
    3. Download the Google Docs app. You can write online with complete privacy unless you deliberately share a document.


    1. Haha thanks. Yeah, I am constantly wavering between wanting to publish all my wonderings anonymously so someone will see them and declare me brilliant, and wanting to keep it private. Haven’t decided yet. The Google docs app is a good idea, thanks!

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