My Year in Review


As my cousin likes to put it, “New Year’s is a fake holiday. It’s just another day.” Which is true, to be fair. But even so, I always welcome the start of a new year. And I like to look back on how far I’ve come…

Writing-wise, this year I:

  • finished the first and second draft of my second novel, my first YA contemporary attempt. I also took into account the valuable lesson I learned last year, which was to take a break between drafts, and to not query right away
  • started the first draft of my third novel, my first YA fantasy attempt
  • took a writing class, which is important if for nothing other than spending time with like-minded people. (Though I did learn some valuable lessons there.)
  • started blogging on a regular basis and got to know some of you lovely people

So I didn’t publish a book this year. I didn’t even finish a final draft this year. But that’s okay, because I feel like I’ve learned a ton. I’m not in a rush. And most importantly, writing is still something I absolutely love doing.

Wanderlust-wise, I:

I didn’t actually go to anywhere brand new this year, unless you count various cities in North Carolina, and various towns in France. My travel choices were more dictated by people I wanted to visit. I wonder if as I get older, more and more of my trips will be less to exotic locales and more the visiting-people kind. I think I’m okay with that. I just wish I had the time to do both.

Life-wise, I:

  • moved out of a 375-square foot apartment in Brooklyn Heights and into a positively palatial apartment in Jersey City
  • acquired a car
  • acquired a cat (who has stopped torturing me by waking me up at night, I am happy to report!)

The move was the biggest thing. It was just across two rivers, but Jersey City feels like a world away from NYC. Having the space, having a car, getting a cat–all of it makes me feel like I’m moving closer to a life I want.

For next year?

  • I want to finish up my second novel and start querying it
  • I want to finish my third novel
  • I want to start a fourth novel
  • I want to get a day job that’s more in line with what I want for myself
  • I want to go somewhere new
  • I want to see more of the people I love
  • I want to read more than 50 books!
  • I want to finish decorating my apartment and make it a place I really love coming home to
  • I want to get around to planning a wedding

I hope you had a wonderful year, and if you didn’t, I hope your new year is better. Happy New Year all!

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