Wanderlusty Wednesday: Paris in the Winter

Ile de la Cite II edited

As the song goes, “I love Paris, in the winter, when it drizzles….”

I do love Paris at all moments of the year, but especially in the winter.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, my boyfriend and I aren’t able to travel until December of this year. Last year we did an epic trip to Argentina and Chile, which was awesome, but it was kind of stressful going to two countries about which we knew nothing in the middle of the holiday season.

So this year I thought we’d go somewhere a bit more familiar.

Altar of Saint ChapelleBlue Lights

I lived in France for a while, in a town only an hour and a half from Paris, so I’ve been to what is in my opinion the greatest city in the world dozens of times. While I love exploring new places and cities, it’s definitely a lot more relaxing to visit somewhere you know well. There’s no rush to see every little thing, you know where to stay, what to expect from each place, and you can even skip the more touristy parts of the place that you didn’t particularly enjoy (here’s to not waiting in line at the Louvre and going up the Eiffel Tower!)

Champs Elysees at Night VI

Plus there’s just something so magical about Paris in December.

There’s the lights on the Champs Elysees. The march├ęs de Noel (Christmas markets) where you can find all sorts of homemade Parisian presents. They also serve vin chaud (hot spiced wine)! There’s ice-skating and sledding in front of the Hotel de Ville

Still watching kids sleddingEiffel Tower II

…and of course, the tree in front of Notre Dame!

Notre Dame at Night VI

I’m already excited to plan this trip, even though I’ve done it so many times before. If you have any suggestions for Paris in December I somehow missed on my previous travels, please let me know!

All images taken by me, December 2006

12 thoughts on “Wanderlusty Wednesday: Paris in the Winter

  1. Beautiful pictures! Paris in the winter needs to go on my list. I only had 36 hours there on a very hot and humid summer day years ago, and as much as I loved it, it wasn’t enough.


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