Friday Things


Happy Friday!

We’re heading to the beach this weekend and I cannot wait. Here are three things that interested me this week.

1. If you’re in the throes of querying, you may have encountered the issue of boiling your wonderful novel down into a synopsis. I attempted to do this once, then gave up entirely. Chances are I’ll have to do it at some point though, and to help, I’ll be using this amazing post on synopsis-writing, which I found through my favorite writing blog.

2. Warning: massive wanderlust alert: a self-driven tour through Tanzania.

3. My boyfriend and I are still struggling over where to live. We like our tiny, light-filled Brooklyn apartment, but it’s tiny with no outdoor space. We would love a house in the suburbs, but would not love the commute. This article gave me some things to think about.

Reading: I’m still reading the same thing I was reading last week because it’s 1000+ pages and I unfortunately don’t have unlimited amounts of free time. As expected, it’s terrifying and really good, but it’s actually so terrifying I can’t read it in bed at night. So at the same time, I’m also reading this. Patrick Ness’s other books were the best I’ve read this year so I have high expectations for this.

Watching: I watched this movie while cooking this week, and I really loved it. Highly recommended for anyone, but especially YA lit fans. I think writers can learn a lot from well-written movies.

Listening to: I’m on a Bruce kick. It’s summer, and I’m a Jersey girl at heart. (My favorite song of all time.)

Photo by NICO BHLR on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I’ve always heard of IT, and always wanted to watch the movie just to know what it’s about. I’m catching up on a lot of 80’s movies, because I was too young to watch them as a kid. Got to remember to watch IT, hope it’s on Netflix


    1. I’ve been told the movie is very ’80s, in a somewhat cheesy way, but since I enjoyed the very ’90s, cheesy version of “The Stand” (one of my favorite books EVER), I think when I’m done reading the book, I’ll give “It” a try. However I have also heard that both “It” and “The Stand” are being remade on the big screen (or maybe the small one)–and I expect both of those to be terrifying! Let me know if you like the movie!


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