On Bite-Sized Writing

So I’ve been reading a lot of this guy lately…

If you’ve never heard of Austin Kleon, I encourage you to go read all his stuff immediately. Well not all his stuff immediately because this artist and writer is so prolific it would take you a while.

There is one thing I wanted to touch on today, and that is his habit of daily blogging. When I first read that, I thought, HA. As if I’d ever have time for that!

But one thing I’ve noticed: not everything he writes is novel-length. Some of his posts have barely any words in them at all. Pithy is the word I’d use to best describe him.

So I thought—is this a habit I can pick up? Sharing brief, useful bits of writing every day?

Every day is still a bit ambitious for me, but let me see if I can get back up to more than once a week again. I’m going to try this by being pithy. Let’s see how it goes…

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