4 Little Problem Solvers


I wanted to share some tiny tidbits that have recently improved my life in the the hopes that you may read them, take them into consideration, and just perhaps, find a way to improve your life with them as well…

1. Problem: I never drink enough water.

Solution: I now keep it in a container that appeals to me. 

I noticed that for some reason, whenever I have Poland Springs bottles handy, I tend to go through them like candy, drinking a bottle an hour; but when I have a glass of water next to me, I sip it sporadically throughout the day, maybe refilling it once. I didn’t want to just start buying cases of water bottles, however, because of the cost + environmental impact.

Enter: BKR. Yes, it costs $45 for a glass water bottle with a pretty cover. But ever since I purchased one of their liter sizes (with the nice small opening that encourages swigging), I’ve been drinking 3 liters of water a day. My skin looks better, I’m full more often, and I feel better. $45 seems a small price to pay for this huge life benefit. (I chose the black one with the heart on it and I LOVE IT.)

2. Problem: I never remember to take my vitamins.

Solution: I now keep them at work. 

I think it’s because they’re now in the space where I feel most productive–but I nearly always remember to take them. Ever since I moved mine from my bathroom to my bottom drawer at work, I’ve remembered to take them 9 times out of 10, which is a whole lot better than 1 times out of 10.

3. Problem: I want to use only clean personal care products, but I couldn’t find a natural deodorant that worked.

Solution: this one actually works!

I have discovered the holy grail of clean personal care products and I am currently buying this deodorant in bulk. Seriously. It works.

4. Problem: All bathing suits suck and none of them fit right.

Solution: Buy two dozen tops and bottoms at a time, try them all once, and only keep the BEST ones.

If you’re like me, you hate bathing suit shopping. I’m short, so one-pieces don’t work because they make me look shorter, but two-pieces expose my round little tummy and wide hips, plus nothing ever has enough support on top, plus my bottom is bigger than my top, so I need a different size for both … le sigh.

So what I always ended up doing was buying the least offensive of all options–never anything I downright loved. I would just look at myself in the mirror, sigh, and say, I guess this is the best it will get. But recently, during the Nordstrom sale, I had an epiphany: buy EVERYTHING, try it all on in the comfort of my home and with my existing pieces, and only keep the best stuff.

So I ended up spending a small fortune at Nordstrom’s this past month, but never fear; they have free shipping and returns and I only kept three out of the twenty pieces I ordered. And I actually really LOVE those three pieces. Hallelujah.

Just wanted to share this small stuff that’s had a big impact on my life lately. Anything new and improved in your life? Let me know!

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