New Year, New Resolutions (Writerly and Otherwise)


I actually love New Years’ Resolution posts. (So long as they are not insane, such as “I’m not drinking wine anymore” *shudder*). So here are mine…

Writerly Resolutions

I resolve to make myself more accountable for my goals by keeping track of them better. NaNoWroMo helped a lot with this; I loved the word count charts, and started my own system in excel after November ended. Now, instead of vaguely being like, “I’ll write 10K words per week!” then missing a few days and forgetting what my word count was at the beginning of the week and thinking, “eh, I probably met that goal” I will have charts that tell me definitely yes I did, or definitely no I did not. I’ll also see which days allowed for the most and least writing, and I can adjust my schedule accordingly.

I resolve to finish polishing my second novel and start querying it. I did not like the querying process the first time around; it sucked some of the joy out of the thing I love doing so much. But I do believe my second manuscript is a lot stronger than my first. I’m actually kind of terrified of putting myself out there again; writing is so much more pleasant when you only have to worry about your own opinions. But that’s not what I do it for.

Readerly Resolutions

I resolve to get back up to reading a book per week. Last year my books were at an all-time low, due to my new job’s longer hours and shorter commute. I’ll do this by going to bed earlier and getting in more reading time, and also by striving to actually take my lunch breaks and read during them.

Physical Health Resolutions

I resolve to do yoga three times a week again. It was so good for me and I got lazy about it.

I resolve to exercise more generally, and to drink and snack (on unhealthy things) less. I will also drink more water. I’ll hold myself accountable for this via MyFitnessPal.

I resolve not to be lazy about booking doctor’s appointments.

Habit-Shift Resolutions 

I resolve to spend less time mindlessly scrolling social media. To limit my interactions on my phone to valuable ones.

I resolve to journal more on my anonymous Tumblr journal.

I resolve to be more responsible about clerical crap. To actually deal with insurance papers, and 401K stuff, and renewing my license, instead of stuffing my mail in a box to deal with “later”. I hate this stuff, but it only gets worse when I put it aside and leave it hanging over my head.

I resolve to be more joyful. To take more notice of the little things, to be more in the moment, to remember how lucky I am to be alive and healthy and relatively successful.

World-Improving Resolutions

I resolve to be more politically active. I will contact my senators, read all my “Daily Action” emails, and do what I can, when I can, to make this world better.

Those are my resolutions; what are yours?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Resolutions (Writerly and Otherwise)

  1. Great resolutions! Love that you separate them out by category. And I really like the World-Improving one. I’m going to consciously do something world-improving at least once a week (like calling my senators, etc.).

    Admittedly, I’m one of those people who don’t like resolutions. But I am doing a “17 Things for 2017” list–things I’ve always said I wanted to do but haven’t done yet like go on a helicopter tour of my city, apply for TSA pre-check and Global Entry, and explore a new neighborhood in my city.

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  2. I am also on MyFitnessPal! I regained a ton of weight when I had my son, but my first foray was successful, and I lost 70 lbs. Drinking more water is almost magical in regards to how much better you can feel, too.

    Good luck with your writing goals! I wish I was organized with charts, etc. I am making an effort to write more by hand in my notebook. The easiest way for me not to
    get distracted by the internet while writing is to not write on the computer!

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    1. That’s huge! I am just hopeless when it comes to resisting snacks, and going from the corporate world to a startup this past year with ALL THE SNACKS was really not great for me, health-wise (though I do like my new job soooo much more than my old one). I’m hoping keeping better track of my intake will help me resist!


  3. Wow! That’s a lot to take on! It sounds like you can do it though! I use an app on my phone called Drinking Water that reminds me during the day to drink water and lets me mark how much I’ve had. Hope that helps! Best of luck with these! Happy new year!

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