The Good Things (August, Part 1)


I want to try a new series on Fridays…

I want to talk about the good things in my life, in the hopes that they can become good things in your lives as well.

Because there are things that suck in life, and there are things that don’t, and as a non-influential, non-rich person, there isn’t a ton I can do about the things that suck, except for in my own little ways. But what I can do is celebrate the good things.

Such as:

A Good Bookish Thing:

My new favorite podcast. I admit I hadn’t hopped on the podcast bandwagon until now. I’m not sure why I decided to break that streak, only that I’m so glad that I did. Overdue Podcast is two guys talking about books, new and old, and it’s both smart and SO FUNNY. (Case in point, these lines from an episode I recently listened to about The Passage“Craig, on a scale of one to ten, how sexy are the vampires in this novel?” “Um, I’d have to go with a NEGATIVE FOUR.”) Go listen!

In that vein, I’m still reading The City of Mirrors and it’s getting SO GOOD. I love small-band-of-survivors stories (see: my love of The Stand, Lost). Read this trilogy if you’re in the mood for something epic.

A Good Entertainment-ish Thing

I started watching The Magicians, the show, after reading the first book in the series, and I’m kind of loving it so far.

A Good Writerly Thing

Getting to the end of the Play Story is taking longer than expected, but I suppose the good can be found in the fact that I haven’t given up.

Also, I wrote this article for work, and it’s pretty interesting, if I do say so myself.

A Good Seasonal Thing

Summer rain showers are the best things ever. I sat through one at the Yankees game on Tuesday and it was quite lovely. (If you followed me on Snapchat, you would know this! I’m @mkwanders there. Follow.)

A Good Habit-Shifting Thing (inspired by this series)

Outdoor lunches No matter how hot it is, I’ve taken to eating my lunch al fresco, every day, my inbox be damned, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes. There’s a small public space near my office with long marble benches that are perfect for sitting on as you try and balance your gazpacho in one hand and book in the other.

A Good Delicious Thing

I made a tomato galette last week with tomatoes from my mom’s garden, and it was delicious, though next time I will pack it with even more tomatoes.

A Good Random Thing

For the first time in my life, I have plants in my home that are not dying. My spider plant is even growing babies, and I’m very excited. If there’s anyone else out there who sucks at keeping plants alive, I highly recommend spider plants.

A Good Thing to Look Forward To

I have a weekend of beach and cousins coming up, which couldn’t make me happier.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy image found here, somewhere

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