Wanderlusty Wednesday: A Travel Dilemma


Please help me make a decision!

So I wrote a little while ago about how our friends randomly invited us to go to Grenada on short notice, and in the spirit of “why not?” travel, we said yes. Flights booked, Airbnb booked, Grenada here we come!

Well, it turns out there are actually reason why not to go to Grenada right now. That mosquito virus, mainly. I’m not pregnant, but one of my friends may be and another is trying–so everyone else has backed out of the trip.

Also, a US tourist just got murdered there. It wouldn’t be a deterrent, normally, but it’s kind of weird this news has come right as my boyfriend and I are debating whether or not to still go.

I know we’d have fun just the two of us but we’re already kind of bummed since it was supposed to be a group trip. We won’t be able to afford as nice of a place with just us, the car rental will be more, etc. I’m not excited about it anymore. And now I’m also worried, more about the virus than the murder. Anyone infected is being asked to wait two years before trying to get pregnant. I’m not sure what the next two years hold for me, but I really didn’t have “wait out mosquito virus” in my plans.

I know I’ve said not to let fear stop you from traveling before, but disease scares me in a very different way than terrorism does. I’m also just not excited to go anymore. I don’t know if we can get our airfare refunded–but even if we can’t, I may just want to stay home.

What should we do? I’m notoriously terrible at decision-making. (The Libra in me.) Please help!

Image which isn’t making this decision any easier found here

10 thoughts on “Wanderlusty Wednesday: A Travel Dilemma

  1. Ugh! Some of the smaller airlines are really great about refunds; I know Southwest will let you cancel a flight up until 72 hours before, if memory serves correctly? Delta has always been good to me, but I know they can be a pain because I’ve heard it from many other travelers. You don’t happen to have any status with them, do you? That always seems to help!

    And I’m glad you brought this up, because we’re going to the Caribbean in April. Fingers crossed it’s under control by then!


    1. Thanks! I think the biggest thing was we’re just not looking forward to it anymore. So I made the call to cancel.

      I got a refund from JetBlue, but not from Delta (Expedia booked us on two one-way flights). I forgot how much Delta sucks at life. I’m calling back and arguing with them more … ridiculous that JetBlue gave me not a single issue but Delta’s refusing to even give me credit. Worst airline ever!


  2. Oh, yikes! Disease scares me way more than terrorism / crime does, too. I think I’d do a little more research on what kind of financial loss you’ll take from not going as well as maybe talk to a doctor about precautions you could take that what would keep you safe, and let that help decide.

    However, if you’re really not feeling it, that’s probably going to affect the whole trip. The few times I’ve gone on a trip I wasn’t super interested in (or one that changed a lot, like this, where people backed out), I’ve usually found it hard to turn my vibe about it around. Best of luck deciding. :/


  3. My boyfriend and I just got back from 2 weeks in Grenada – we didn’t stay in a resort but amongst the locals and we felt very safe. I know the recent murder is very shocking, but this is NOT what the island is about. We experienced very friendly locals and didn’t feel unsafe at any time – walking during the day or at night after dinner out. I think the main thing to bear in mind is that you are abroad, in a different culture and it is important to behave accordingly and always be sensible. I’ve written a blog post about our trip if you are interested, including the 2 places we stayed at – again, very safe but also very local and the proper Caribbean experience. Regarding the virus – I did get bitten A LOT, however as far as I know Grenada isn’t on the list of places to avoid yet. I hope this helps you a little – completely understand your worries but I can definitely vouch for this little island!


    1. Thanks for your comment! Just checked out your post and it does look lovely. I think I’m more bummed than anything else that it’s not going to be the fun group trip we’d hoped… and yes, Grenada isn’t yet on the list but I’m afraid it’s going to be by the time we go, this thing seems to be spreading fast. Thanks again for weighing in!

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