Friday Things

This week. I just can’t.

It wasn’t a great week to begin with, and then we lose another icon. I mean, I’m well aware that Alan Rickman is not Severus Snape and that even if he were, Snape already died, but still, after reading about him and what a great guy he was, I can’t help but feel like the world’s a little darker.

As always, I’m getting through it all by immersing myself in reading and writing and spending time with people I care about.

Here are some interesting things I found this week from around the internets:

1. 19 books to read before the movies come out. I’m especially excited for Miss Peregrine!

2. 12 Common Character Archetypes. Don’t turn your character into a cliché, but like Myers-Briggs, this could help you figure out some stuff about them.

3. I initially freaked out about this, but it seems like it’s going to be kind of a let down.

4. My new favorite Instagram account. I can’t stop laughing.

5. One of my favorite bloggers wrote a book and I can’t wait to read it. I loved this quote from this article: “When she finds herself walking into a store absentmindedly, she says to herself, ‘I need experiences, not possessions.’”

6. Finally, 7 countries to move to if You-Know-Who becomes president. (Not Voldemort. Worse!)

Reading: I posted yesterday about the amazingness that is this book and I can’t stop reading it. It’s SO GOOD.

Watching: In a move that made my boyfriend roll his eyes and say “Not again!”, I have embarked upon a rewatch of the first few seasons of the greatest TV show of all time. I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the earlier seasons (which are, in my humble opinion, for the most part the best ones).

Listening to: Nothing in particular since my headphones broke and I’ve been too busy to go get new ones 😦

Heartbreaking image found here

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