Closer to the Mountain


Here’s my take on the New Year’s Resolution thing.

I saw a brilliant idea somewhere, and I wish I could remember where so I could give the author credit…

But it was basically this: at the end of every week, you should assess what you did right and what you did wrong, and see how you can improve yourself in the coming week.

I like doing things on a weekly basis because it’s more manageable than a daily basis. If you have a bad day, you have time to make up for it tomorrow.

So I’m going to do this every week this year. And to put my own spin on it, at the end of every week I’m going to ask myself: what did I do to move myself closer to the mountain?

Of course, in order to answer this question, you must know what your mountain looks like. For me it’s more like three peaks forming one mountainous mass, if that makes sense. Here are my three peaks, and what I’ve done this week to move myself closer to them:

1. My professional health

  • I met my weekly writing goal of 7,000 words, and actually exceeded it by 400!
  • I blogged every day
  • I updated my resume, applied to 5 new jobs and have an interview later this week

2. My personal health

  • I had drinks with a good friend and talked to another on the phone
  • I attended a new friend’s birthday and successfully made small talk with strangers
  • I cooked dinner for my boyfriend
  • We made 2 small improvements to our apartment
  • I checked several things off my life to-do list

3. My physical health

  • I tried acupunture. Verdict is still out on if it helps
  • I got a massage
  • I did cardio

I didn’t do terribly this week. But as always there are improvements to be made for next week. Namely:

  • I want to start applying to freelance writing assignments
  • I need to go back to yoga. Badly
  • I would like to spend more than one day doing cardio
  • I ate too many leftover Christmas sweets. Must cut back
  • I drank too much alcohol. Must cut back
  • I did not get enough sleep

So it appears I need to work on my physical health more than anything else. Excited to have a new week with a blank slate in which to do so 🙂

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Closer to the Mountain

  1. You accomplished way more than I did- it inspired me!

    As to eating healthy, I’ve learned to not buy the foods/drinks that will eventually ‘call’ to me, things I can’t ignore when they’re around, or just to buy 1 serving when at the grocery store!

    But all the rest, you surpass the majority!


    1. The issue was at work! Someone left cookies in the conference room, as well as an entire tin of peppermint chocolate bark, and I have no self-control when I’m stressed out and you put chocolate in front of me.

      And thank you!

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