Wanderlusty Wednesday: Giverny

Ciel dans l'eau III

Time to talk about one of my favorite places on earth…

Fleurs XIII

Do you like flowers?

Fleurs XI

Of course you do. They’re beautiful and fragrant. Do you like Monet?

Fleurs XIVWillow fronds

How could you not? His paintings are beautiful. So I suggest you head to the place that feels like you’ve just stepped into one of his paintings: Giverny, in Normandy France.


This tiny town is only about an hour from Paris, and is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. You should go there. Why?

The aforementioned abundance of flowers literally everywhere you turn:

Fleurs XVIITree of Flowers

Monet’s amazing house and gardensYou can take a tour of the gardens and the house where he actually lived and painted during the later years of his life. It feels like you’ve actually stepped into his paintings, it’s so beautiful there.

Le pont VIIIFleurs XXI

The absolute beauty the French countryside:

Pink trees

And there are other reasons, too.

1. It’s easy to get to. Just take the train from Paris (Gare Saint Lazarre) to Vernon, a 45 minute ride. From Vernon there’s a little shuttle bus that will take you straight to Giverny. You can also rent bikes near the train station, which I’ve never done as I’ve always had luggage with me, but supposedly it’s a beautiful ride through the countryside.

Bus stopAdorable country bus stop

2. The people are incredibly friendly When we arrived in Giverny for the first time, we discovered there were no ATMs anywhere in the town. And the B&B we were staying at was cash-only. Oh no! But without batting an eye, the man who ran our B&B drove us back to Vernon in his car, no charge, no worry, to get what we needed.

Willow fronds IIYour biggest issue in Giverny: getting a photo of the bridge without people on it

3. It can get touristy and crowded… but only during the day I’ve read travel guides and sites that advise you that a day trip is sufficient for Giverny. To which I say: not true! It is a tiny town and you can see everything there in one day, but the town really reveals its beauty after the tourist buses leave, and you’re left to wander the quiet country street (there really only is one street, and it’s not paved), enjoy a lovely dinner outside as the sun sets and total quiet blankets the countryside, then retire to your adorable B&B.

View from our restaurant IIThe quiet of the country is like no other

Lodging: Stay at Le Coin des Artistes. I’ve stayed there twice, once in one of the beautiful bedrooms in the main house, once in the little cottage in the back. Both times were amazing. The first time we were the only people there, so had the whole place to ourselves and our own private breakfast, the second time there was only one other couple. The prices are pretty low, too. Only caveat: the last time I was there, no one working there spoke English, so attempt to bring a francophone. The people are so nice though, it probably won’t matter.

Le chemin du jardin II

Timing: The gardens are only open March 28–November 30, because that’s when the flowers bloom. All three times I’ve been there, it’s been April, and it’s been perfect. I imagine what’s blooming changes on the seasons, but I can’t imagine it not being beautiful regardless.

Fleurs XXIX

Other info:

While Monet’s gardens are the main attraction, there’s also a really cool American art museum in Giverny. Definitely stop by!

HorsieFleurs Rouges

Also, just wander. You’ll find everything from an interesting old cemetery, to surprise horses popping out to say hi, to even more flowers.

Fleurs VI

One warning: Don’t stay over on Sunday night! Since the Claude Monet Foundation is closed on Mondays, the entire town shuts down Sunday afternoon–including the few restaurants. We didn’t know this, and ended up begging a bakery to let us buy whatever they had left as they were closing so we wouldn’t go hungry. We ended up eating cold apple pie in bed for dinner (which was actually pretty awesome, but still).

Fleurs XX flipped

In conclusion: go here.

All images taken by me, April 2007

5 thoughts on “Wanderlusty Wednesday: Giverny

  1. Absolutely lovely! I’m a big fan of Monet, so this seems like a place I need to go. Sometime I’ll get to go to Paris for a lengthened period of time (the only time I’ve been was just two days)…this will have to be on my list for sure!

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  2. AHHH!!! Yes, yes, yes! I absolutely love Monet and I really, really want to go to Giverny! I had the opportunity to go last summer when I was in Paris, but unfortunately, I ended up not going. Huge regret, but fortunately, I will most likely be able to go this autumn, when I return to France! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the transportation tip; that’ll really come in handy. And your photos are gorgeous!


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