Friday Things


After an amazing wedding weekend (my boyfriend’s sister’s) it was hard to return to real life this week.

My boyfriend’s parents rented a big beautiful house in Avalon, in south Jersey, and it was a flurry of days filled with family and friends stopping by to help with last-minute projects, eat, drink, or just hang out. It further cemented my idea that happiness is just a steady stream of seeing people you like (and a nice home, with good food).

Here are three things that caught my attention this week:

1. This is my new favorite Instagram.

2. I really loved this piece about struggling to find a heroine in literature you can identify with. I went through something similar as a teenager; while I was never that overweight, I was quite unattractive for a number of years (acne, bushy hair–oh fifteen, you are so unkind). I remember being frustrated that every girl I read about was always beautiful (to be fair, I was primarily reading Sweet Valley High at the time). This has sparked some ideas for a new novel; more on that later.

3. I can’t decide where to go for vacation this year. There’s just so much attempted life-changing going on the prospect of planning a vacation is overwhelming me. But I’m finding this list intriguing, especially Cuba…

Reading: On the subway this morning, I finished Red Queen. And I gotta say … I don’t understand the hype. It started off interesting enough, but the rest of the book was filled with flat characters, uninspired dialogue, obvious plot “twists”, and my biggest book pet peeve: showing and telling. Sentences like “I grin, pleased with myself”, and “he douses the flame, putting it out with water” make me want to scream.

Watching: ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK comes out today! Must be careful not to let the binge-watching intrude on my writing time.

Listening to: More nineties emo stuff, and I love it 🙂

Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. You were right in my neck fo the woods. Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

    I just saw Red Queen over at Target and was about to buy it when I realized that my to read list was taller then my 5 yr old son. Now I’m glad I didnt buy it.

    The picture make me want to find a cafe and have some latte – not to go but to actually sit there and have a enjoy myself.


    1. I was so disappointed! It started off really good, too–it was like the first couple of chapters were super polished then the rest of the book was written by someone who’d never passed writing 101.

      You live in Avalon? It’s so beautiful down there!


      1. I live very close to Avalon, a little more inland – we pass it everytime we go to the kids’ dr in Red Bank. If you’re ever in the area again – try out some of the local eateries in Red Bank.


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