Wanderlusty Wednesday: Rouen

Cathedral de Rouen III edited

I’ve written before about my preferred method of travel: the slow-soak version.

In that vein, if you ever find yourself in northern France, particularly Normandy, I highly suggest a weekend in the lovely city of Rouen. Along with its history (Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here, some Napoleon stuff happened here), cuisine (crepes crepes crepes–and cidre), adorable little tindered houses (see below), and the cathedral immortalized by Monet (see above), it also has some of the nicest people I’ve come across in Normandy.

It’s easily accessible by train from Caen and even Paris, it’s cheaper to stay in than Caen and especially Paris, and it’s so pretty. Go there. Rouen Houses VI editedNapoleon at Sunset-edited

All photos taken by me, January 2007

3 thoughts on “Wanderlusty Wednesday: Rouen

  1. This place looks beautiful, and you said all the right words: crepes, cathedrals, and cheap! And some Joan of Arc history, too? I’ve always been fascinated with her.


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