Wanderlusty Wednesday: Hydra


I think I’ll make this a thing. Because Wednesdays can be boring, and because I like alliteration.

I envisioned having this amazing travel blog, where every day I’m posting these gorgeous exotic photos. BUT, due to reality, I only travel travel like once a year (and by that I mean to places other than the Jersey Shore and upstate New York). We’re saving up for a big trip this November (the location is still TBD–suggestions welcome! Only requirements are that we haven’t been there and it’s not rainy season) so most of the photos I’ll post will be from my epic adventures of years gone by.

Today: Greece. If you need ideas for your next trip, rent a catamaran in Greece. (I’m not rich, in case you were wondering. A catamaran trip is affordable when you squeeze eight people (plus the captain) and make it a week long.)

These photos aren’t from Mykonos or Santorini–they’re from Hydra. I like going to places I hadn’t heard of before (not that I’m knocking famous places–I am still in love with Paris, after all). It’s a tiny island with one port and no cars–you get around on foot, or by donkey. It’s magical. Go there.

Hydra!9060573043_617f8fcf9d_bPublic transportation:9062752496_a252b5b519_bA view:9062778412_eafd0d7f45_bSwimming in the sea:9062428942_f280b9ab58_bAnother view: 9060829567_82632bea5e_bWe went “hiking”, which is really just walking for a bit–the island’s so small you’re never far from where you started.9062689414_4456cc325e_bHydra’s also the home of lots of homeless kitties, which broke my heart–but at least they’re homeless in a beautiful place which stays warm most of the year.9060412355_eb135b086a_bWe couldn’t stay forever, but hopefully I’ll be back someday.9062657880_46ed5434f8_b

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