YA Thriller

Last summer, 18-year-old Adelaide Blackwood’s sister, Fiona, was found dead at the bottom of a ravine in the woods—just hours after the sisters were in an explosive public argument. Addie had nothing to do with Fiona’s death, but her only alibi is Seth Montgomery, the rich boy down the street she loves to argue—and make out—with. Fiona’s death is officially ruled an accident, but in the court of public opinion, Addie is found guilty. 

Determined to clear her reputation and unravel the circumstances around Fiona’s death, Addie begins digging into the wealthy Montgomery family, suspecting Seth’s cousin, Thatcher. That is, until she and Seth find Thatcher dead at the bottom of the same ravine.  

Dodging corrupt police and the even more corrupt Montgomery family, Addie turns to the only person she can trust to help her solve this—the boy she was with during both murders. But Seth is still a Montgomery, and may be hiding secrets of his own.


YA Thriller

18-year-old Veda doesn’t expect the summer before college to be special. She’ll spend it working every shift she can get at Tidewater Beach Club to help her struggling family all while trying not to give in to her spiraling anxiety that only got worse when her father died in a car accident two summers ago.

But this summer has other plans. While sparring with obnoxious lifeguard Finn, Veda overhears the beach club owners arguing about selling their beloved club to real estate developers. She’s confident they won’t actually do it—until one of them turns up dead.

Now the club is set to be sold, but Veda won’t let another things be taken from her. She sets out to find who did this, accepting Finn’s help as they throw themselves into the world of their town’s wealthy summer residents. Veda and Finn infiltrate parties and fundraisers in the hopes of tracking down who’s behind the sale—and the murder. But the more time Veda spends in the world of the rich and powerful, the more seduced she is by its promises. She has to decide what’s more important—finding and punishing those responsible for this crime, or becoming one of them.


YA Thriller

Evie Porter didn’t come to Whitechapel University to make friends. She came to study hard, emerge the top in her class, like she was in high school. Someone once told her couldn’t out-achieve trauma, but that doesn’t mean she can’t try.

But then she meets the others. And she learns she’s not the only person with monsters in their past. Each of Evie’s new friends has suffered at the hands of someone who was never punished. 

But maybe together, they can right those wrongs.

It’s not murder, if it’s what they deserve. It’s justice.

All they need to do is stick to the plan. And stick together.

All for one and one for all.



Adult Thriller

They need no introductions.

You know the St. Edward’s Eight, or at least, you think you do.

You know the story. The boat from the resort, blown off course, caught in a storm. Sixteen teenagers made it to an uninhabited island, where they survived on papayas, fish, and rainwater. 

When the rescue boat arrived four months later, only eight were left. Those eight were hailed as heroes. Just for staying alive.

You think you know the story. But you don’t.

You don’t know about the lies they told.

You don’t know the things they did to survive.

But someone does. 

And someone wants them punished.

Someone wants them dead.

They survived the island.

But they might not survive this.