What Do You Do When You’re In a Reading Rut?


I have a problem…

Namely that while most of the books I’ve read lately have been good, it’s been a while since something has been great.

It used to be that I’d discover an amazing book once every couple of months. When I look back on my personal reading history, years past have me reading far more books I loved loved than I do now.

For example, in 2012 I read 3 books that ended up on my “all time favorites” shelf; in 2013 it was books, in 2014 it was 4 books, and in 2015, 5 books. Then last year there were none; and this year, just 1.

So what is going on?

Have I just read all the good books there are and now have to wait for my favorite authors to write new ones?

Has my taste evolved in the past 2 years, making me now unbelievably picky?

Or have I just not been picking the right books?

Have you ever encountered this? What did you do? Where did you find your next faves?

And I love well-written, character-driven stories (that are usually sad) if you have any recommendations!

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7 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You’re In a Reading Rut?

  1. So I’ve enjoyed two books recently – both of them are NOT what I would normally pick up.
    The first is “The Fitness Junkie” – this is about a female CEO who is kicked out of her job because of her weight gain and what she does to combat it. There are tons of loop holes and a few eye roll moments but the character is endearing and underwhelming… grr… sorry i’m not really selling this very well am I?

    The other one, I simply can’t put down. Station Eleven. I’m dying to get to the end and life just keeps getting in the way. But I think you’ve read this one already?


  2. Much of Finnish literature is melancholic, tragic or sad. Here’s a sample: http://bookanista.com/rain/ My list of suggestions is long, should you be curious (and like the rather deep stuff). Since you recently wrote about life and its changes, why not try ‘Follow your heart’ by Susanna Tamaro. I found it in a give-away box in the library, and was both surprised and amazed because it was, to me, so much more than I expected from it.


  3. I had that feeling today; the book I was reading was quite dark (it’s great, I just need some serious chill) and I was disappointed by the book I finished before that. I’ve picked up an old favourite and I’m feeling much better. Sometimes it’s good to pause breaking new ground and take a moment for something you know is going to make you feel great.

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  4. I’d suggest it’s because the more you read the more your expectations increase. Perhaps the answer is to try a completely different genre? I wonder if the books you thought highly of in 2012 you’d still rate the same if you read them again. I always wonder about that…but there are too many new books out there to make time for that experiment!


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