Silver Linings


I thought it was just the US that was getting scarier and scarier. Not so, apparently.

I know that the fear-mongerers are out there. They always have been. What’s especially frightening about the world today is that there are so many people listening to them.

Here’s the thing: there will always be something to be afraid of. But acting out of fear instead of in the best interest of both yourself and everybody as a whole is not a rational response.

Lately, I just keep asking myself, “What can I do about it?” I can and will cast my vote for what I feel is the only rational choice left in the upcoming election. But it’s one vote, in a non-swing state. It doesn’t do much.

I guess the silver lining is, if the world goes to hell, we’ll still have books! On that note:

Reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. Unsurprisingly, I am loving this book. I will extoll its virtues in more length once I finish, but it’s something all writers, artists, musicians, knitters, anyone who makes stuff needs to read.

Writing Got a bit derailed with a lot of critique-partnering but I am still hard at work on the Play Story. Scene coming up: the first big party of the year where a major revelation occurs. Scintillating, I know.

Watching OITNB, of course. I’ve five episodes in, have managed to avoid specific spoilers but have seen that something “devastating” is coming and I’m quite concerned for what that might be. Without spoiling anything, there is a current plot point dealing with race-relations that’s particularly chilling given the current state of politics. I don’t want to be at work right now; I want to be home watching the rest of the season.

Listening to Leon Bridges. He’s great.

Cooking This is so, so good, and healthy! I make it with more broth and spices than recommended, to make it more soupy. I like soup in the summer to counteract the effects of sitting in way-too-cold AC all day long.

Hoping that in spite of it all, you a lovely weekend!

Photo by Tanya Pro on Unsplash

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