My Year in Review


As my cousin likes to put it, “New Year’s is a fake holiday. It’s just another day.” Which is true, to be fair. But even so, I always welcome the start of a new year. And I like to look back on how far I’ve come…

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My Year in Books

The 3 stars

I wasn’t sure I was going to do this post because compared to last year, I was woefully inadequate–I only read 50 books this year compared to last year’s 60! I chalk that mainly up to this book and this one, each of which took me over a month to get through, thus leaving less time for other books.

The 4 stars

I did 3 rereads (of this, this, and this) and read 47 new books, 37 of which ranked 3 stars and above for me, which means I think you should read them. They are scattered throughout this post. I’m not really mentioning the ones I think you should skip, except for a few below.

SO! Time for some superlatives….


The 5 stars

Longest The never-ending horror novel

Shortest The definition of short and sweet 

Most Difficult to Get Through But I’m Glad I Did This one, again

Worst This book was just SO BAD. Don’t read it.

Most Overhyped This book was decent, but not the best thing since sliced bread. Oh and this one was just plain bad.

Most Worth The Hype This book was just lovely, and this one was just awesome.

Best individual book This was amazing.

Best series This one, this one, and this one. They were all SO GOOD. And I’m on the sequel to this book now, which was awesome, so I may have 4 favorite new series soon.

Most Nostalgia-Inducing This book reminded me of what it was like to fall in love for the first time

Most Fascinating Concept This one

Most Made Me Wish I Was A Gay Teenager (Who Could Sing) This, obviously

Cutest This one, by far

Best Overall These books still totally have my heart

For my full reading year in review click here

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What am I missing out on? My TBR stack is huge–as in, 25-books-high-about-to-fall-off-my-windowsill-and-kill-my-cat huge–so here’s to more good reads in 2016!

Getting Back Into Writing


If you’re anything like me, December is a particularly challenging time of year to maintain steady writing habits. I refer to this period as “Novel Interruptus” and I’ve long since stopped trying to fight it/feel guilty for it. After all, the reason writing gets interrupted is because I’m busy doing one of the things I said I’d never give up for anything: spending time with the people I love.

BUT. Christmas is over, and it’s time to get back to work. So for those of you who are in the same boat as me, I thought I’d compile my list of links I find the most helpful for getting started again.

Start with the Novel Interruptus post, then move on.

If you’re just getting started and wondering how, read this.

If you’re in the first drafting stage, remember to just write...

… but at some point, make sure you have this essential element to your story down. Especially this part.

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, try this.

And if you’re in the editing stage, here are some tricks I’ve learned

… and one more.

And above all, remember not to do this! 

(And here’s the entire category of writing advice I’ve compiled so far.)

I hope one (or some) of these links help! Now, off to write…

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On hiatus

Notre Dame & Christmas Tree.jpg

Tonight we’re heading to Paris! We’re spending part of the week there and the rest of our time in the Loire Valley. I am very excited about the prospect of a break (and no cell service!) not to mention spending some time in one of my favorite parts of the world at my favorite time of the year. Hope you have a very merry week 🙂

MK’s Book Reviews: A 3-Star Streak


I haven’t written a book review in a little while because I prefer writing about books I loved. And most of the books I’ve read lately are just books I kinda liked. But I suppose a round-up of 3-star books couldn’t hurt, if you’re considering reading any of these titles…

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One Big Thing You Need To Write A Great Manuscript


So I’ve talked some about my own personal NaNoWriMo–attempting to write a first draft in three months, instead of one–and also about how I’m just a wee bit behind. (More specifically: my total word count is at about a third of what it should be.) But I don’t feel like a failure, because after 2+ months of outlining and drafting (and a hell of a lot of deleting) I finally have one big thing down…

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My Favorite Way to Plan Trips


Sunset in the Gardens II edited.jpg

A couple of years ago (okay, more than a couple) some friends and I found ourselves in Europe in February with two weeks off from work (gotta love those French school vacations!) and no plans. So obviously, we decided to travel…

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